About me

Here a little about me, because it’s almost an obligation on a website...
My name is Michael Nyffeler and I’m from Switzerland.
In my spare time I like to be on the computer. There I do everything possible, like making websites, whereas this website is a result thereof… :)
This doesn’t mean I’m always on my computer, but often XD furthermore, occasionally I like reading something, although it isn’t too often… The books are mostly like Fantasy as well as Science Fiction and Thriller.
As expected I read all Harry Potter books and “The Lord of the Rings”.
I also read about other things, I’m interested in technical things too, the other way round wouldn’t really be good as a designing engineer ;-)
What interests me especially is astronomy and cosmonautics.
Some more of my interests are Aikido, travelling and photography.

Of course there is the big question, what’s the reason for this website?!
Because I already made a lot in this direction, finally it was time doing something own.
But at this point of time I made this website, the main reason was that I went to Australia for a half a year. So I could always upload some pictures, so that those who were interested, always could see what I’m doing XD or just to enjoy the pictures from the beautiful Australia :) ( what you still can ;) ).